Create A Dream
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What We Believe


  • We believe that relationships are a necessity in life and without that relationship nothing is built and nothing is gained. We want to make sure you don't have to go it alone!

  • Our team is working behind the scenes 24/7 on your behalf to make sure every detail of your vacation is perfect.

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We believe that your vacation should be stress free and we do everything in our power to meet your every need, no matter the request.  If it is possible we will do it for you.

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You Worked all year to pay for this vacation so you should be able to experience every aspect of it.  With waits at over 100 minutes per attraction, most people only get to see 4 -5 attractions per day.  With us you will experience most that the park has to offer, without those long waits.

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We are your Magic Makers.

We don't just want to be your average tour guide taking from attraction to attraction.  Our Magic Makers are very intuitive and work hard to meet your families every need.

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Vacations should be stress free.  

How many times have you said, "I need a vacation from my vacation?"  The reason you take a vacation is so that you can get away from the everyday stresses of life and the last thing you need is to have to deal with stresses that you aren't used to dealing with.  At Create A Dream Concierge we take all the stress away from you and put our experience, relationships and time in the resorts and parks to guarantee you the best experience for you family.    We have many services to make sure that your vacation is extra magical.  

  • We take care of all your reservations and passes and utilize our knowledge and relationships at all the parks and resorts to make sure you get the very best in rides and restaurant experience with almost no effort on your part.

  • We provide "Magic Makers", which are your personal assistant at the Orlando parks making sure that your time is maximized without those 100 minute wait times in lines. They also make sure that your every request is provided for along the way.


You paid for it you should experience it.

You worked all year to pay for your vacation, wouldn't it be nice to be able to enjoy every aspect of it?  The reality is that you don't travel all the way to Disney to only spend time in the room and a stress filled day at the park fighting the crowds just to see a few attractions before going back and collapsing on the bed.  You are there to experience EVERYTHING Walt wanted you to experience, the MAGIC.  Disney is meant to be the happiest place on earth and with Create A Dream Concierge's Magic Makers, that is exactly what it is.

Our Magic Makers will utilize our entire team on the ground and in the offices to make sure you never have to stand in those 100 minute wait lines ever again.  

Our Magic Makers relieve you of the "brain fatigue" when it comes to the parks.  No longer will you need maps or have to know what time it is so you don't miss your next ride or reservation time because you were in an attraction too long.  They will guide you around the park stress free!

We are your Magic Makers.

 Our Magic Makers are your personal assistant while in the parks and will take care of anything you need from pushing your stroller, carrying your bags, watching your child while you ride larger rides, to even getting your Starbucks coffee or snacks and having them ready for you when you have that craving.

Every family has said that THIS is the most important and best part of their entire trip to Walt Disney World and that you have to try it to believe it! We bring the Magic of Disney back to the parks the way Walt intended…so that when you leave, you have really been in another world and taken away many cherished memories to keep from that day forward.