Create A Dream Concierge & VIP Theme Park Tours

We are your #1 Luxury alternative to your Disney and Universal VIP guides.  

As the world's most crowded theme parks continue to have record crowds many families desire to see everything these parks have to offer.  With most rides close to 100 minute waits, Create A Dream Concierges &  VIP Theme Park Tours is the only luxury alternative to the high priced park tour guides.  

We not only show you around the parks with almost no wait times on rides but with our upgraded "Magic Makers" your experience never ends.  We don't just show you the magic of Disney but our Magic Makers immerse you the story lines to make sure that you and your family are immersed in the magic yourself.  You become apart of the story of the most magical place on earth.

You spend hard earned money to have a stress free vacation.  Let us show how these parks were meant to be seen, in their entirety.