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Products/ Pricing

Create A Dream Concierge isn't the cheapest company in Orlando but we are the most inclusive when giving you a quality experience.  We are the Premier in Luxury Theme Park Tours and all around Personal Assistance.  As the largest tour company catering to Orlando we proudly serve people from all over the world and from every demographic.  Our client base is made up of Dignitaries,  Professional Sports Athletes and Large Corporate CEO's to the Average Joe.  We cater to whatever your need is.

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Magic maker/ vip theme park tour guide

Magic Maker/ VIP Tour Guide Service Includes:

  • Your Personal Assistant during your scheduled time at the park with your Magic Maker

    • They will do ANYTHING you request within reason from pushing your stroller, carrying your backpacks and even finding and getting your churro's and Starbucks coffee. Anything you need. They will go on a ride with your child when you don't want to or stay behind with someone when needed.

  • They will be your personal VIP Guide around the parks keeping you from fussing with those confusing maps and giving you a stress-free time.

  • They will get you on more attractions than you could experience on your own with little to NO WAIT TIMES.

You will never want to do the parks alone again!