Create A Dream



What We Do For You

    • We make sure your time in the parks are maximized to the fullest.  Our guides, Magic Maker, will make sure that you never wait in those hours long lines.  
    • Our team will make sure you have a person "on the ground" at your every beckon call.  We have a policy of saying, "YES" to every request within legal reason.  Just ask and it's yours.
    • Our photographer makes sure you don't miss the moments that the park photo packages always miss.  We not only get those posed scenic spots but we get the candid moments and times on the rides when those faces make memories that bring a smile and a chuckle evertime you look at them for years to come. 
    • Our transporation is top of the line and designed to fit anybody's situation.  Our transportation fleet consists from Town Cars to SUVs, from Stretch Limousines to Luxury Buses.  There is no reason to wait or be late again.  We cater from where you are to where you are going and everthing once your there.
    • You won't have to worry about anything.  The reason for a vacation is to "unwind".  Let us plan every detail of your vacation and cater it to your family and take away all the thought fatigue that comes from planning and doing every vacation.  Our staff are in the resorts and parks 365 days a year and our knowledge and relationships are unparalleled.  We will make sure that your vacation is special for your family and its specifics.
    • Since our Magic Makers and staff are in the parks and resorts every day of the year it makes sense to let us advise you in the best that fits your family's wants and needs.  We have experienced just about everything Orlando's resorts have offered and have spent years developing reservation planning for our high end clientel worldwide.
    • The My Disney Experience can be a comprehensive one and one that for most isn't easy to navigate.  Our staff navigate this on a daily basis and would be pleased to help you make sure everything is set up according to your family's specifications. Once it is set up according to your needs then we will help you navigate it to see what "comes up next" for you.  If you want to make changes, don't worry we will do that for you too at a moments notice.
    • Being as our Magic Makers spend 365 days a year in the parks and our staff are in constant communication and monitoring traffic flow and ride availability on minute to minute basis we will make sure your experience at the parks are the very best it can be to maximize your days there.
    • Our staff is in constant communication with our park employees to bring live updates on park crowds, people flow, and ride availability at a moments notice. We make sure that the combination of everything above allows you to have a stress free day without the worry of how to have a good time at the worlds most family traveled destination.